Dienstag, 6. April 2010

Rubberlegz 2010

Rubberlegz aka Rauf my friend from Celle who is living now in Switzerland is germanys one and only guy dancing in a way of abstract art which is more than flexibility and akrobatic. And i know nobody doing his own style better than him. I know him since he was a little boy with his partner "Lil Amok" They both present the crew "Terror Bunch" which was based by Maxim (R.I.P.)Maxim was a Berlin Hip Hop Legend and also a friend of mine and i thank god for that i was allowed to become acquainted with him. Rubberlegz is not just a B-Boy who goes in the gym and doing for 4 hours airtwist,no he is a artists and his message is to find new opinions of the dance and new moves. if you want to see more of his amazing pictures click here.
I just can hope to see many more pictures and trailer of him because
its just dope! Rock on my friend and thank you for your support over the years.