Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Splash B-Boy Battle 5 vs. 5 2010

Hey B-Boys and B-Girls, we are just back from the 5 vs. 5 B-Boy Battle @ Splash Festival and yes we won that Battle! Next to big acts like Nas, Masta Ace, Wu Tang Clan and Missy Elliot is there always a B-Boy Battle and Skate Contest. It was just a nice weekend with my Crew nearly like holidays, the sun was shining the crowd was amazing and the beer was cold after the battle. Thanks! A trailer from the battles is coming soon!!!

Donnerstag, 22. Juli 2010

Aktfotos by Andrea Preiss - Sex sells

I just found this wonderful pictures of these nice ladies in the art magazine website. I choose the best pictures in my opinion and i hope everybody else can enjoy the beautiness and the natural flavour.

Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010

Big Stok and friends 2010

Hey Graff freaks, there is nothing better than painting a wall with his homies and chill at the wall and see there is something going on. Thanks to my mural partners Form76, Golden Green, Migel 156 and Enta.

Soul Train! That is what i miss!

Hey Urban Soul friends, Soul Train and the line dance that is all i need. I wish i would be born earlier. It looks so wonderful and colorful. I love the way they dance from breakin to locking from electric boogaloo to popping. Just amazing!

Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Baby Boogaloo! 2010

Miles Brown aka Baby Boogaloo showing some of his favorite dance songs and what a real B-Boy can do. He already knows whats up just amazing! I love his style!

Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Hassan El Hajjami!

Hassan El Hajjami aka Haspop is a very great dancer from France living now in the Staates. He is dancing for "Cirque du soleil" in Vegas where i met him the first time visiting my crew member Sancho from Full Force/Funk Fellaz. He is a guy you just love and more than just funny. I had such much fun with him in the club dancing all night long. One of the best dancers i have seen!

Dienstag, 6. Juli 2010

R - 16 Korea 2010

Hello B-Boys and B-Girls,
R-16 is one of the biggest Breakdance events in the world next to the international BOTY and Freestyle Session. I was there two years ago with my crew Funk Fellaz to present Germany and it was just amazing to be on stage there. Its the best organised B-Boy events in the world in my opinion. The promoter and producer Charlie Shin and Johnjay Chon are really proffessional and they really care about the dancers. Much respect and thank you for the nice event. 

R16 - RESPECT TO THE ILLEST! from Mason Rose on Vimeo.

Montag, 5. Juli 2010

Ali Vegas

I love real rap and its not all about is it comercial or underground ya know? The lyrics are deep and have meanings and its all put together so perfectly. Ollie Williams aka "Ali Vegas is born in 1983 and raised in Queens New York. He got his own label called "Alpha beta paper" where he brings out many mixtapes with many newcomer and underground artists.

Donnerstag, 1. Juli 2010

BOOM BOOM macht abhängig!!!

Yo! Und für alle die es noch nicht wissen "BOOM BOOM" macht abhängig! Hamburg City ist am start. Diesen Samstag den 03.07.2010 ist es wieder soweit die beste Party der Welt nur hier in der schönsten Stadt der Welt! Hier ein paar Fotos von meinen Jungs, die jeder kennen müsste, der schon mal das Vergnügen hatte richtig abzureissen! Meine Höllen Jungs feat. Stok La Rock! Its getting Down!

Some Ghetto Hair Styles!