Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

No words!

Hey Friends, its just a little reminder!

Dienstag, 25. Mai 2010

Ein Prophet

Ein Prophet (Un prophète) its a movie from the french regisseur Jacques Audiard. The movie came out in 2009 and this year in the cinema. Its one of the best movies i have seen in the last years, its really real and the actors are amazing. I can just say you have to see this movie for sure!

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Stok goes Wild Vol. 1

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

Etta James

Etta James born in Los Angeles California in 1938 is one of the best blues singer i have seen, she is so soulful its just amzing her voice is increadible, cadillac records is a movie where Beyounce playes Etta James its a great movie about her life. I am sure Beyounce is also a big fan of her, and she is a great inspiration for Beyounce. For me she is a legend like Tina Turner or Chuck Barry who is good friend of Etta.

Mittwoch, 19. Mai 2010

Who is Lady GaGa?

Hey, because i am also a Slave to the Rhythm i have to post this nice song and i love her style. Its a shame for Lady GaGa 30 years later to copy her style and that in a cheap way. Grace Jones was for me always a style icon and i love her lyrics as well. I also will never forget the video "Corporate Cannibal" I know that Lady GaGa is just a fan like we are now and thats so funny. It was nice to see her give the bassist a kiss at the end! She is just a real artist and also a real Diva with her own Style! Grace Jones

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Dragon76 he is just fantastic!

Hey what a nice Video! Junobo Paint is a really high quality paint very thick its an oilbased latex permanent color mixed. Its just amazing to work with it. My man Dragon 76 is a artists from Japan and know exactly how to use Junobo. If you are intrested in Junobo and if you want to know more check here and press Its also a very great edit by kimgym from Japan. I love the song its just pushing the whole edit.

Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2010

This is what i call a Dj!

Hello Dj Freaks, i think i have to show this to my urban friends. Its my man Dj Craze he is one of the finest Deejays i know i love his creativity and his style. If you want to see and hear more from him klick here. He is born in Nicaragua in 1977. I met him the first time in London in 1997 at the Starbar in Brixton at a turntablism champion ship. Craze is next to Dj Qbert the best Dj and he is just a nice guy.

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Just some of my higlights!

Bonjour, here are just a mix of some pictures i really like. I think there is a picture for everybody. I cant really tell which one is my favorite but i thnik its a great mix.

Samstag, 8. Mai 2010

Les Twinz

Hey dance freaks, here are some of my favorites dancers "les twinz" from france. I cant wait to see them again in paris and her new show. Its just nice watching them performing on stage or in the streets.

Dienstag, 4. Mai 2010

Estevan Oriol

Estevan Oriol is a Mexican American photographer based in LA, his work has been featured in dozens of magazines worldwide including Mass Appeal, The Source, Details, Vibe, and Rolling Stone. He is affiliated with Soul Assassins. I really like this guy since the first time i saw some pictures from him. I really like the chicano art work i also like the paintings and the whole culture. If you want to see more of his work click more.
And now sit back and enjoy the trailer!


Hello Paris Lovers,
i am just back from my trip to paris. Its not my first time in paris but i fall always again in love with the city. I love style and the many colors you will see everywhere on the people. I love the artists on the streets and in all the little pubs. I love the night life and the many exhibitions of art all the time. The only problem is the metro and the bad air in the summer. Here are some pictures from my trip to paris and around paris.