Mittwoch, 14. April 2010

My friend Lil Amok new Trailer!

Hello Dance Freaks,
here are a couple of pictures of my friend Lil Amok. He is not just a crazy powerful guy no he is also one of my favorite models. Lil Amok also known as a powermove machine with a very creative style and big humor in the way he dances. I have never seen a powermove guy doing his moves with so much power and energy. I also know him since he was a little kid with his partner Rubberlegz and Quazim. Celle present! He is really a open minded dancer and the most important thing you can see that he loves what he is doing. Over all the years dancing i had a great time with him. We traveled together to Korea and many other big cities and i hope to see him soon on the dancefloor!