Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

My friend and big inspiration Poe One!

Hello friends,
here you see a picture of me and my bro Poe One from Los Angeles. He is a member of the Style Elements crew from L.A, Rock So Fresh and Mighty Zulu Kingz. This year in 2012 we judged together a footwork Battle in Germany and i took place in his workshop. I met him like 8 years ago when i stayed for while in L.A and he took me to the trainingspots. That was one of my higlights in my B-boy life because it was so different from the practise i am used to in Germany. He introduced me to B-Boys like Koolski, T-Rock, Easy Rock from the legendary Rock Steady Crew and many other B-Boys from the Westcoast. He teached me so much about the roots and where it comes from i will never forget. He is still a big inspiration for me and what i call a original 200% B-Boy! Thank you Poe! Watch this little Interview and listen up! Each One Teach One!