Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2012

Köln Breakdance Battle 1997 Def Style Rockers Show (Braunschweig)

Hello B-Boys and B-Girls,
here a little video back from 1997 at a B-Boy Battle in cologne with my crew and family the "DEF STYLE ROCKERS" Original Rockers since 1994! Thats love and originality. The most people dont know what a crew a family is! Right now i just see Allstar teams and dancers which come together to win a battle, Thats not the Deal! Thanks to my mentor MC GILL R.I.P thanks to Mad-C, Prince A-Legs, Hichmad, my brother and most inspiration Zeerockski aka "Kid Step" Def Style Rockers 2012 and still rockin! One Love!